State Emergency Service of WA

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08 9323 9300

480 Hay Street
Perth WA 6000

The Western Australian State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer based division of the Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia. It plays a key role in countering the effects of natural and man-made emergencies.


To assist the community to cope with natural or man made emergencies.


To raise, train and equip a volunteer based emergency service.
To be the "Hazard Management Agency" for flood, cyclone, storm, earthquake and tsunami.
To be the "Combat Authority" for land search, vehicle rescue (in specified areas), cliff/cave rescue and civil defence.
To act in a support role to other combat authorities.
To support emergency management committees at State, Regional and Local levels.
To act in support of the police in tasks acceptable to the volunteers but excluding those where it is likely that offenders will be present.