Godfreys WA Stores

Godfreys specialise in vacuum cleaners and cleaning products, not trying to sell all sorts of other appliances, so they can help you choose the cleaning solution that will suit your needs and that will make things easier all round.

From hand-held vacuums for quick clean-ups to fully ducted systems for cleaning the whole house, Godfreys have the best range from the best brands in the business.
Whether your requirements are residential or commercial, their expert team will assess your cleaning needs and can show you a range of cleaners to do the job effectively.
The team are also happy to demonstrate any model in store and you can even bring along a few things from home, like a rug or car mat, to make sure you won’t be disappointed.
In fact, you might even like to bring your old vacuum cleaner in with you.  Apparently you should have them serviced every couple of years to keep them working efficiently.  Or if it’s just past its use-by-date altogether, Godfreys will take it as a trade-in.
Godfreys can service and repair most every make and model and they also carry a huge range of parts, accessories and vacuum bags for even the hardest-to-find models. I guess the big difference is that they are simply ‘specialist that know vacuum cleaners’
There are 22 Godfreys stores across WA, including Albany and Bunbury, all with an extensive product range backed by extensive product knowledge.

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