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Spas are great aren’t they! But something that's not so great is the big electric bill you get hit with at the end of the month. Well Softub is about to change all that. The new eco-friendly, energy efficient Softubs have taken Europe by storm and they’re about to do the same here in Australia.

These funky, portable spas are designed to provide cushioned, barrier-free seating with room for one to six adults. Their targeted pulsating jets provide wonderful hydrotherapy to soothe those tired, aching muscles and their advanced heating technology will save you one third off your normal running costs.

And that's because there's no need for an expensive heater on a Softub spa. So how does the water get hot? Well the heat created by the stainless steal coil that surrounds the motor is used to heat the water to your desired temperature, which means you're putting the excess energy to good use and it also helps keep the motor cool. And due to the excellent insulation of the tub, heat loss is kept to a minimum. And overall, you're electric power consumption is next to nothing!

In fact, you'll only be adding between $9 and $14 a month to your bill. So if you want total relaxation in your spa without the burden of a huge electricity bill give Softub Australia a call on 1300 653 264.