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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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Today’s ever-increasing property prices can certainly make renovating or extending your existing home worthy of further investigation and financing the operation doesn’t need to cause you anywhere near as much upheaval as the actual building.
The Loans café can help you turn the equity in your home into the cash you need now.  For example, a home-owner who bought a home in Thornlie in 2003 for $162,000 took out a mortgage for $150,000.  In 2007, his home is valued, conservatively, at $312,000.  So he has $162,000 in equity and can easily borrow the $45,000 he needs to add a new games room and air-conditioning.  His salary has also gone up 29% over the past 4 years, so he can afford the repayments and the additions to the home will also increase its value.

Releasing the equity in your home can help you turn it into the home you always dreamed it would be and the Loans Café can give you all the information you’ll need.