Godfreys WA Stores
Vacuum and Cleaning Specialists

With more than 70 years in the industry, Godfreys is a market leader for vacuum cleaner and cleaning products.  And as a cleaning specialist, they can provide the best advice, products, and services to meet your home or commercial cleaning needs.

No matter which type of vacuum you’re looking for, from a hand-held to a fully-ducted system, Godfreys can help.  And they’ll be only to happy to give you a demonstration of any model you like – you can even bring along your own carpet, mat and even your pet, to make sure your choice will meet your needs.

Believe it or not how well a vacuum cleaner works doesn’t necessarily depend on pure suction power.   Even after it’s been vacuumed with a 3000W commercial vacuum cleaner, the Wertheim 5035 can still pull more dirt from your carpet.  It uses a vibrating head to shake the dirt free from your carpets before sucking it away.   

The other thing this cleaner does really well is, trap dust.  The unique bag is made from same material as a surgeon’s mask and it fills differently to a regular bag, so it won’t affect suction power, the bag also self-seals when removed.  It also has HEPA filter to 0.02micron – smaller than dust, so this is a great cleaner for allergy and asthma sufferers.

As for convenience the Wertheim 5035 has all the tools you’ll need for cleaning couches, mattresses and curtains on-board and its vibrating head makes it ideal for beds, couches and pillows.  With a 13m reach, you can do the whole house….

Over the next 5 weeks we want you to get into your nearest Godfreys store and see a full demonstration of the Wertheim 5035. WHY??  If you like what you see, - you could be in the running to win one of your very own.
All you have to do is drop in for an in-store demo of the Wertheim 5035 valued at $1495 and you’ll be in with a chance to WIN….  Of course, if you can’t resist buying right away, Win the competition and you’ll get your money back.
With 22 stores around Western Australia, including Albany and Bunbury, it should be pretty easy to drop by the store nearest you for full details, or you can find out more online, www.godfreys.com.au.