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Neighbourhood disputes over fences are one of the most common subjects of residential litigation and there’s nothing worse than having a lovely home spoilt by a dreadful adjoining fence.

Even when neighbours can agree to share the cost of erecting a new fence ,up until now, there’s been the perennial argument over who had the back side and who got the good side of the fence.

Well Roof Mart have solved the problem with their Harmony Fence and as the name suggests, every body gets the good side, so there’s no more disputes.

The Harmony fence is manufactured in Kewdale, by Roof Mart, a company with7 years experience manufacturing colourbond fencing and 22 years experience in roll forming. The unique design makes it stronger than traditional fences and the rattle resistant profile makes it perfect for Perth’s windy conditions. The Harmony Fence is great value too, being no more expensive than traditional colourbond fencing.

There’s 15 colourbond colours to choose from with a full 10 year warranty. So if you’ve been putting off seeing your neighbour about replacing an aging fence, or if you’re building a new home, you really can’t go past the Harmony Fence by Roof Mart.