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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA




Using a roll-on lawn is a really quick and simple way to get an instant lawn and my choice is the Palmetto because it’s particularly hardy.  It really does well in most conditions and suits planting in sun or shade so, its ideal for those tricky spots in the garden that get both.
Palmetto is also well suited to WA's climate, soils and lifestyle.  Its very soft leaf is not scratchy and not likely to irritate kids’ sensitive skins.  It’s also far less thatching, so you won’t have a spongy lawn.   You’ll notice the deep emerald colour; that’s one of the things the Palmetto is famous for.
It’s also a low maintenance lawn.  Palmetto grows across the ground quickly, so recovers well from wear, but it’s a slow upward grower which is great for your weekend workload.  And it rarely scalps when being mowed, so you should be able to have a green lawn almost all year round.
And, importantly, Palmetto is also a low water user.  It has a massive, deep root system that means it needs watering less often than other lawns.  Apply wetting agent anyway, because you’ll still need to register your new lawn with the Water Corp, and it will help you make the most of your watering schedule.
A wetting agent also helps to improve the efficiency of any fertilizers you might use and helps the soil to retain those nutrients.  If you’ve chosen Palmetto you’ll only need to fertilize once or twice a year compared to every 6 to 8 weeks during the growing season with other varieties.