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Rob Wignall



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448 Chester Pass Road
Albany WA 6331

The South West region of WA is probably most well known for its fantastic wineries, but the region definitely doesn’t stop there.  If you travel down to the beautiful coastal town of Albany, it’s here you’ll find some outstanding vineyards that are just as awarded as others, and a leader and true supporter of the region the locally owned Wignall’s Winery.

Wignall’s winery has spent the last 25 years perfecting their wines.  They pride themselves on their attention to detail and Wignall’s prune and pick by hand which means that the preparation is done as clean as possible.  Also, since they don’t spray or use pesticides, the vineyard works with nature to ensure that they only have a positive mark on the environment.  The wines that they make are straight varietal styled wines, rather than mixed blends, like other wineries.

Wignall’s not only produce wine that is second to none, but they regularly hold concerts that feature both local and international artists.  Also, the host the annual Vintage Blues Music Festival which brings a crowd of 4000+ to the winery – a must see when visiting the region.

For a relaxing drop, enjoying a great artist or just taking in the surrounds with family and friends, take the opportunity to visit Wignall’s Winery in Albany.