Mt Romance - Sandalwood

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Barry May



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2 Down Road (near Airport)
Albany WA 6330

Mt Romance…such a beautiful name that conjures up many visions…and it’s here in Albany, Western Australia. Just a short 14km drive from the town centre where here you’ll find the Sandalwood factory…a world class tourist destination!!

Here you can learn about the ‘delicate’ process of extracting Australian Sandalwood oil that is used in a wide range of body care products, therapeutics, lipsticks and perfumes. See and sample the many products using this timeless and legendary exotic oil.

You know it has fascinating history and was a traditional medicine before antibiotics evolved …it’s here you’ll discover the many therapeutic properties Australian Sandalwood Oil has to offer.

You can also view world-class technology used to process the oil harvested from the Sandalwood tree, destined for the world's leading perfume houses!

Mount Romance are also the world’s largest producer of Sandalwood oil!!

The chipped Sandalwood once received enters the production factory process where a technique known as steam distillation is used to extract the oil from the chips. The volatile oil evaporates with the steam. The resulting vapor is then cooled resulting in the condensate where Sandalwood oil and water are separated.

Mount Romance has a superb range of Sandalwood products ready to soothe the senses, refresh the mind, and to revitalise the spirit.

So when visiting Mt Romance near Albany, whatever your preference, you're sure to find something just perfect for you…relax with bath salts or massage oil or there’s a huge range of personal products like moisturisers, shampoo, body splash or deodorant guaranteed to invigorate and refresh you!
MOUNT ROMANCE….a must do destination when visiting Albany!!