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There's nothing like a long hot soak at night or a power shower to get you going in the morning.

If you're looking at replacing your hot water system or building a new home, there are two types of gas hot water systems that deliver a reliable and economical supply of hot water: storage and continuous flow.

Gas Storage
Storage units store hot water in an insulated tank and supply it at mains pressure, so you get plenty of hot water to more than one tap at a time. They're ideal for two bathroom homes and filling baths, sinks, and washing machines fast.

Continuous Flow
Also know as instantaneous, this type of hot water system heats the water as you use it. They're generally most suited to a smaller home but there a models to suit most sized homes and consumption levels.

Some models even have a temperature selection facility in the bathroom or kitchen so you can choose the required water temperature without the need to mix in cold water.

If you are replacing your hot water system, when is the best time to do it?
7 years or more for an electric hot water system. 10-12 years or more for solar.

Why choose a natural gas hot water system?
Did you know that hot water used for showers and washing is the highest user of energy in the home, so it makes sense to do it as economically as you can. And the best way to do that is with AlintaGas.

By using AlintaGas, you pay one low price regardless of how much gas you use. There are no off-peak rates no matter what time of day or night you use it.

In fact, the more AlintaGas you use, the cheaper it is. It also is good for the environment as it produces less of the harmful greenhouse gasses that other fossil fuels produce.*

*Source: Global Warming Cool It! Home Guide to Reducing Energy Costs

How easy is it to install a natural gas hot water system?
All you have to is call AlintaGas on 13 13 58 for your nearest AlintaGas Approved Installer. An AlintaGas installer is a qualified gas fitter who has passed stringent courses to install and service any natural gas appliance. They will arrange to come to your premises and measure and quote as well as provide you with expert advice.

In the instance of your gas hot water system, once you have approved their quote, the AlintaGas Approved Installer will install it for you, often on the same day.