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Spas have been around since early civilisation, except back the Roman times they called it social bathing. But one things remains the same, it’s all about relaxing and releasing all the stresses of your day. Which is why the revolutionary Softubs (as opposed to hard fibreglass tubs) have taken Europe by storm! It really does take the concept of relaxing to a new level!

Dubbed "the most comfortable spa in the world" these wellness spas are designed especially for your comfort with their cushioned, barrier free seating. Unlike most spas that are made of fibreglass, Softubs are made of high-density foam that is extremely strong, yet lightweight, and with their champagne bubbles and strategically placed pulsating jets you'll feel like you're sinking into the seat!

And with no hard fibreglass shelves or barriers you're able to move around the tubs easily, making them kiddie friendly and also very popular with the elderly.

With Softubs energy efficient heating system you're running costs will be one third of the costs of a normal hard tub. So give Softub a call on 1300 653 264 to experience the new era of relaxation.