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It's not so long ago that Rockingham was among the first choices when planning a holiday from Perth . It has, for many years, been a lifestyle target for families migrating from Europe. The beautiful beaches, Mediterranean climate, relaxed tempo and friendly attitude has made the Rockingham region a priority alternative for visitors and local West Australians for decades.

Nothing about that has changed…. Except now Rockingham has even more to offer and eventually it's going to be "first in first served".

Perhaps the single most important reason is that now, with the completion of another stage of the Kwinana Freeway running south from Perth, Rockingham is just over 30 minutes drive from the WA capital 47 kilometres away.

Added to that, the Graham Farmer Freeway now provides quick access to Perth Airport 45 kilometres to the east of the CBD. Visitors are realistically, less than an hour and a half between landing at the airport and relaxing on the sandy beaches of Rockingham and the aquatic playground of Warnbro Sound.

The second major factor is the complete lifestyle package available to anyone who falls in love with Rockingham and wants to make a permanent home here. And of great appeal is the diversity of family living….from coastal, suburban or rural all within 10 minutes of the protected waters of Cockburn Sound

There is now every amenity to make the perfect lifestyle package without the big city hustle and bustle. A progressive city administration has fostered well-planned property development and the result is that land and housing is now plentiful and affordable.

Education and business infrastructure are an important backbone of the Rockingham lifestyle. Murdoch University has a campus within Rockingham, boasting a high graduation success rate and a huge expansion programme. There is also a strong core of pre-primary, primary and secondary schools and colleges, TAFE and other tertiary institutions

Commuting to Perth CBD on business has been made a simple and pleasurable experience with the completion of the Freeway link and vast upgrades close to Perth through the widening of the Narrows Bridge complex.

For those not needing or choosing to make the daily trip to Perth, Rockingham has one of the largest retail precincts in Western Australia and a burgeoning business district.

Entertainment, sporting and social facilities are a vital key to the complete lifestyle package and you couldn't have any better, than here at Rockingham and the Warnbro Sound

The Rockingham lifestyle package truly is unique. It remains a peaceful holiday-style destination yet with all the facilities required of a young, vigorous, city on the move. The aquatic playground of Warnbro and Cockburn Sound is at its doorstep in a magnificent Mediterranean climate. There's a flourishing business and retail district, education, sport and wide social structure.

And all this just over half an hour from the capital of Western Australia a mere 45 kilometres away linked by a modern Freeway system.

Whether you're planning a visit or a permanent move in mind to somewhere a little more peaceful, you just can't do any better than Rockingham. It offers everything for business, tourism, recreation and family lifestyle. Rockingham truly is a young City with an exciting future!