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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Janet Craig



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Banjup WA 6164

Good times with your best mates are priceless, which is why my little gang of friends and I came up with the genius idea of capturing a fun day together to keep as a memory forever, and we headed to Premier Studio to do it.

Premier Studio is WA’s largest and most remarkable natural studio with a number of custom built sets and backdrops placed throughout the 5 acre property just 20 minutes from Perth down Kwinana Freeway in Banjup.

We chose Premier Studio quite simply because I’d done stories there before for Home in WA and I knew first hand how awesome the photographers, Janet, Jeff and Jonelle were, and we wanted some great photos of the gang!

Photographing groups, be it friends or family and creating naturally beautiful photos is something brother and sister Janet Craig, Jeff Gregory and Janet’s daughter Jonnelle do really well. Not only do they have over 20 years of acclaimed photography behind them, but they know how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable while your photo shoot is taking place.

There are so many different backdrops for your photos here at Premier Studio, and it’s a lot of fun moving from set to set. You could be in the middle of the bush at the old farmhouse, which looks like it’s been here forever but was actually custom built by Janet and Jeff. Or you could head to the beach or for something completely different, have photos taken that look like you’ve gone to Egypt all without leaving the one location in Banjup!

Families are perhaps Premier Studio’s specialty, so with that in mind my friend Sophie thought she’d take the opportunity to grab a couple of special Mother Daughter shots while we were at it.

The day was a success, we had a whole lot of fun and now have the memories recorded forever. Life just whizzes by so fast and when you think back there are so many wonderful memories that you share with family and friends. If you could freeze a moment in time and capture the memory forever, why wouldn’t you?