Seacrest Estate

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Mary Humpfrey



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PO Box 1917
Geraldton WA 6531

A beautiful oasis has begun only a short drive from the heart of Geraldton.  With cascading views of both the hills and the ocean, Seacrest Estate, by Humfrey Land Developments, boasts one of a kind lots and homes that will be the envy of your family and friends for years to come.

Humfrey Land Developments are a well-established and respected land developer primarily in the Geraldton and Exmouth areas of WA.  Due to the high demand for land as the areas have great appeal, Humfrey Land Developments have taken their work to a new level.

Seacrest Estate is a superb place and it has been designed for the future.  The estate has various lots available with a 4km distance to the CBD and only 1km to the beach.  The beautiful surrounds of the estate such as the parks, landscaped gardens and picnic areas allows everyone to enjoy the serenity of the area.  And to ensure that the picturesque views are kept, all power lines will be installed underground so you have views second to none.

Installation of optical fibre cables and access to a private exchange and LAN (local area network), mean all homes can take full advantage of the information super-highway.

You'll Also experience the very latest in home entertainment like never before. All sites have high speed broadband internet access, 10 channels of free to air cable TV and an option for an exclusive estate movie channel. Best of all, at seacrest Estate there are no unsightly TV antennas.

HLD, the developers really have left nothing to chance when it comes to the beauty and liveability of Seacrest Estate.  If you’re ready for a sea change but not ready to sacrifice comfort and convenience give Humfrey Land developments a call on 99648028