'Truecore Steel Roof Framing'

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Home design is an individual thing, but with more and more people demanding something a little bit unique, sometimes traditional materials just aren’t up to the task. With roofing such a huge percentage of any property, it’s important to have materials that are not only durable and strong, but versatile enough to allow that individuality to be realized.

Truecore steel is one such product that gives home builders greater freedom to  create the designs people are looking for and that’s why the oldest building company in Perth, Plunkett Homes, has been using Truecore steel for a long time.

Steel roof frames are factory engineered so unlike timber, the quality is consistent and of course, there’s little to no maintenance required. Home in WA talks to Michael Gangemi, the General Manager of Affordable Living homes and Jeremy Muir of Plunkett Homes and they explain the further benefits of a Truecore steel framed roof at their respective home sites.