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A business traveller wants to minimize jet lag, a man with back pain seeks relief, a couple want to reconnect, a busy executive wants to rediscover spirituality. Where can all these people go for help? A Softub Spa, with their therapeutic and eco-friendly benefits they've taken Europe by storm and they're about to do the same here in Australia.

But what is it about these spas that make them so unique?

Well they're truly portable and they've been named "the most comfortable spa in the world". These wellness spas are designed for efficiency and comfort with their cushioned, barrier free seating, which also make them safe for the kids, and popular with the elderly. Unlike most spas that are made of fibreglass, Softubs are made of high-density foam that is extremely strong, yet lightweight, and from marine-grade vinyl that's designed to withstand the harshest climates. And it really does take the concept of relaxing to a new level!

Softub's are also a great method of hydrotherapy and are used by many athletes to soothe those tired, aching muscles. With their strategically placed pulsating hydojets and soft champagne bubbles, it makes for a more relaxing experience.

And because it's portable it comes with your choice of scenery, depending on where you place it. You can easily roll a Softub through a doorway or down some stairs if you want it for the inside of your home, or across a yard, with the heaviest component weighing less than 43 kilograms.

Installation is a breeze, designed for anyone to install with no need for a plumber or electrician. It simply plugs into a standard 240V power outlet.

And you won't see a huge jump in your electric bill. These eco-friendly, energy efficient tubs uses the heat created by the pump motor, to heat to water, which in turns helps keep the motor cool. Operating costs are a fraction of the cost of a hard tub, adding only between $9 and $14 a month to your bill. And an electric thermostat maintains the desired temperature so that it's ready for you to use whenever you wish.

Softubs come in three different sizes. There's the 2 person Sportstar, the 4 person Legend which comes with LED lights and the 6 person Resort also with lights. They come in 6 different colours, include all blending in nicely to the natural environment.

Softubs are also starting to pop up in a lot of country retreats, such as Fern Gulley in Nannup, as they provide the perfect way to unwind on those holidays away.

So for a more affordable, efficient and luxurious way to relax pop into Fraser's Gift & Garden Centre in Canning Vale, Pool & Spa Mart or give Softub a call direct on 1300 653 264.