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DuraGal Flooring System

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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It seems these days that more and more people are making the sea change and heading to our stunning southwest, where you enjoy a quieter lifestyle in a beautiful natural environment.

But blocks with ocean views are usually on sloping sections, and building a house on a sloping block can be quite difficult and often requires a lot of earthworks. However Onsteel have a clever alternative that allows you to build your home without even having to clear the land, and instead take advantage of the natural surrounds.

DuraGal Flooring system is a lightweight, high strength, galvanised steel flooring system that is especially useful for sloping or uneven sights, saving you thousands on excavation and maintenance costs and leaving you with that earthy, natural setting.
And it's so easy to put together, with no welding required. You won't have to wait for skilled labourers or pay their exorbitant rates. And there'll be no waiting around for materials.

With the Duragal Flooring System you won’t experience and rotting, sinking, warping, bowing or splitting. It’s also termite resistant and fire resistant. One builder that uses this particular flooring system is Steel Built Homes who are one of Australian's largest residential home builders.

Not only is the metal flooring a great option for homes, it’s also ideal for commercial floors, extensions, decks, verandas and mezzanine floors.

So if you’re planning on building a home, you like the sound of saving time and money, and saving as much of the natural environment as possible, contact your nearest Onesteel Metaland store.