Shire of Coolgardie

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Brad Isbister



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Irish Malga Drive
Kambalda WA 6442

In 1892 … Australia was bordering on bankruptcy. The unemployment rate was huge in every state. Western Australia was in the grips of recession and economic depression. There was only one place, a place barely anyone had heard of, that would literally save the country … Coolgardie.

You see they found gold here at Bayley’s Reward in 1892. And that meant employment, adventure and the lure of unimaginable wealth.
And it’s all documented and ready for you to discover this ‘tourism gold’ for yourself in the Shire of Coolgardie-Kambalda.

The perfect place to start your own gold rush is the Coolgardie visitor centre and exhibition. It’s here that you’ll receive friendly and helpful advice on what to do, what to see and where to start. And, there’s a lot to do including a visit with Shire of Coolgardie curator Bill (Tex) Moore.

There are day tours, trips to the ghost towns to see how we used to live, Ben Priors Park our open air museum, there are even land sailing facilities where you can learn to land sail then take off on the Karts for a very exciting ride across the salt lake. And all of this can be arranged through the shire.

It’s interesting that the first children’s hospital in the state was built in Coolgardie, Professor Nicholls, the inventor of the Aspro head-ache tablet worked here as a chemist in the early 1890’s and the W.A. Labor Party was born here.

Contact the Shire of Coolgardie-Kambalda on 9080 211, which is also the number to book your Land Sailing adventure, or The Coolgardie Visitor Centre and Exhibition on 9026 6090.