Concrete Taxi

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Peter Carey



1300 880 955

0438 913 017

If you’ve got a concrete job that needs doing, but you only need a small amount, then you need to call a Concrete Taxi.

Small nimble trucks carrying up to 1.5 metres of concrete can deliver anywhere, anytime and can get into tight awkward sites that a big truck can’t

One of the worst things about concreting is hiring the equipment and the dreadful mess that you make while mixing the sand, blue metal and concrete, then there’s the problem of what to do with the mixture that’s left over at the end. All these issues disappear with a Concrete Taxi delivery.

A Concrete Taxi mixture is not only economical, because you only order the amount you need, but they’re convenient too, as you only need to make one call, give them a description of the job, and they’ll work out quantities for you.

Concrete Taxi’s are such a big hit in W.A. that several franchise opportunities have arisen, for anyone enterprising enough to want to be self employed.

Give Concrete Taxi’s a call on 1300 880 955 if you’ve got a small job, or if you’re interested in a franchise, log onto their website at for more information.