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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA




Music is a truly wonderful gift that some people are naturally drawn to, and being able to play it yourself is incredibly rewarding.  With all of the other demands on your time and money today it’s not getting any easier to learn, but the team at Advanced Music have a great lesson plan that can get you started today.

Starting to learn an instrument can be a costly process, with lessons, the instrument itself, accessories, but Advanced Music have designed a Plan pack that provides a complete learning solution.  

For students that are learning the Guitar or Piano, there is a fantastic lesson pack available.  With the purchase of either a piano or guitar, for an extra $60 dollars, you get 10 lessons with a fantastic music tutor, and also a book which will carry you through your learning which is great value for money. As an extra service Advanced Music provides, prior to receiving your instrument, the team service and tune your instrument to make sure that it’s arriving to you in the best condition.

As everything is in the one place at Advanced Music, either as a new music student or for the professional teacher or performer, which means that it really is the one place you need to visit for all your music solutions.