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Did you know that during summer approximately 70 per cent of household water use in Perth is used for watering lawns and gardens…70 percent!!

Being water wise begins with designing your garden to be water efficient. The average WA home gets a lot of rainwater, it’s great for the garden, so why do we let so much of it go to waste? Silvan H20’s Aquagarden gets the big green tick of approval as not only does it capture rainwater, but it looks great and can help save our most precious resource – water!

So what is this ‘Aquagarden’ and how does it work? It’s so simple really… The Aquagarden watering system is a convenient way to store and deliver rainwater to your garden and is ideal for the modern outdoor living area. I bet you didn’t know that on average 380MM of rainfall happens outside of winter… with each tank storing 1000 Litres that’s a hefty amount of water...making the Aquagarden useful all year round!

The Silvan H20 Aquagarden comes complete with tanks, fitted tap and a submersible pump and controller meaning you can deliver rainwater to your garden at the pressure of a conventional hose! This means no more buckets, watering cans or the frustration of gravity tanks. Plus there’s no need to bend down to connect your garden hose either. The attractive central panel locates the tap at a convenient height for you.

One of the filter systems has such a cute name which is hard to forget, the Frogmouth filter!! Basically it sits on your down pipe filtering the water collected on your roof improving the quality of your rainwater catching leaves, twigs and bugs – just like a frog!

This revolutionary rainwater filter has been designed to fit not only Aquagarden systems but tanks of different brands and will provide years of trouble free rainwater filtration also taking away the need for overflow plumbing.

And sticking to the theme of critters you can also opt for a lazy lizard filter. It’s ideal for removing fine silt and sand as well as most pollens and when used in combination with the frogmouth filter, it becomes a continuous total flush device.

The great thing about the ‘Aquagarden’ is that each tank is only 600mm in diameter fitting under most household eaves and 2220mm tall, making its design sleek and slim against your outside walls at home. Depending on how many litres you go for, you’ll find that each tank is 1.2metres wide…so a 3000 litre set-up will cover 3.6 metres along the side of your house, not much really considering the amount of water you are storing!

There’s some basic assembly required, but you don’t need to be a brain surgeon! The system needs to be connected to a suitable down pipe and a weather proof external power point, installed by a qualified electrician. Tanks must be placed on a concrete slab or concrete pavers and this base must be level and on firm ground, all up shouldn’t take you longer than an hour!

And if you are really series about saving water you should consider getting the Aquasource! It’s pretty much the same as the Aquagarden setup only the Aquasource component allows you to pump water into your house utilising all the rainwater in the tanks first for your toilet, washing machine or hot water system for example until the tanks run dry and then it switches over to the mains.

The UV stabilised system tanks are available in a range of combinations with tanks being smooth cream and their accessories, cap, base and front panel being smooth cream also or mist green or mountain blue. There’s also the mist green / mist green combination if that’s more your style!

Water – it really is so precious!! Get your Aquasource installed now while there’s still plenty of winter rain to come. There’s even a $50 rebate from the Water Corporation if you buy the Aquagarden and $600 if you buy the Aquasource, so what are you waiting for! Go Green and help save our planet - just by visiting Bunnings, Total Eden, Tradelink or Tankmaster or give Nick and the friendly team a call at Silvan H20.