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AlintaGas Contact Centre


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If your hot water service is going to break down, chances are, it'll do it on a cold winter's night.
There are steps you can take to minimise the chances of this happening, most notably by getting it serviced by an AlintaGas approved Installer. Speedy Hot Water Service, as the name suggests, is the perfect solution for fast
and reliable help.

Steve Jones, the General Manager of Speedy Hot Water Service, explains to Ross Dunkerton that his business is
AlintaGas approved, has a three hour response time, seven days a week with full metro coverage. They can even offer finance for a new hot water unit to approved clients.

What makes Speedy Hot Water Service different from other hot water service companies is their impressive
response time. Three hours guaranteed They even offer a 1800 phone number, so it won't cost you anything to ring them.

You'll never need to have a cold shower again.!