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As we saw last week the Build-a-style package is a great example of how advances in computer technology can assist all of us. Display centers like this are a fabulous way to make selections but what can you do when the doors are closed?

Buildata at is as you have seen previously on the show an Internet website which provides you with hundreds of links to building information on the web.

Unlike the display centers and selection centers websites can operate 24/7 allowing you to access the information at a time, which is convenient to you.

With the advances in computer technology it is now possible to see your new home virtually before it is built. With the large costs associated with building and maintaining display homes it is becoming more attractive option for many companies.

This is just the start of things to come soon we will be able to interact online with the room totally click and drag in an object, rotate them and move them around the room. Double click and you get the products details. You can then view the room from a different angle or take a look around and zoom in etc. All done online!

Websites are now becoming smarter and more interactive with 3D virtual showrooms now possible where you can walk around the room clicking on products. You can find out information on the products just as you do now physically but at a time convenient to you. There will even be the virtual sales assistants in these websites ready to help you with any questions you may have via chat a chat window.

Sure this will never replace the actual physical display and product showrooms but it can certainly save a lot of time and effort locating the products and the information you are seeking.

If you are a supplier or builder and are interested in understanding what online services are available please contact Steve at Buildata to arrange a time.