If you love watching movies or you love watching sport, chances are you’re thinking of upgrading your TV…your old one might be doing the trick but let’s face it… things could look a whole lot better on one of Retravision’s new range of LCD TV’s!

LCD TV’s are sleek, sexy and versatile and they’re coming out bigger, better and cheaper! Who would have thought the popular LCD technology used for laptop screens, would bring us awesome televisions.
LCD screens:

  • Improve colour rendering

  • Improve video performance

  • Reduce power consumption

  • And have a longer life

Performance wise, LCD display panels have high refresh rates and support wide viewing angles. Like plasma televisions, LCD TV sets are just a few inches thick. Large LCD televisions can literally be hung on the wall, while smaller sets, up to 21-inch screen size, can easily fold under a wall cabinet. Their unobtrusive nature integrates well with the rest of any room, furniture or decor.

Samsung and Sony have new LCD TV’s on the market that are both fantastic! Both set the new standard in high definition, sporting full HD 1080ptechnology – but what does that MEAN you ask? Don’t worry I asked the same question!

It refers to image resolution and putting that simply – it’s all about how sharp your picture is and full HD 1080p technology has been heralded as the latest and greatest!

In a nutshell the main benefits of a 1080p HD LCD screen are as follows:

  • They are capable of producing spectacular results with ultra sharp images

  • They are the perfect companion to high definition movie players (which we are getting to shortly)….and…

  • 1080p is quickly becoming the new de-facto gold standard for HDTVs. 1080p inputs are set to become a standard in nearly all HDTVs.

Blue Ray sounds like a new species of sea creature but it’s actually a new format that will be replacing DVD quality in the years to come. It delivers the sharpest, most detailed HD images possible. Five times the resolution of standard DVD and up to 32 streams of audio. It doesn't get any better than this for viewing enjoyment and a 1080p LCD screen is the perfect TV to appreciate it on!

With this electronic revolution around the corner, there’s so much you could purchase to keep ahead of the race, personal video recorder, set top box for digital TV and a Blue Ray player…but a good place to start would be the screen you’re watching it all on… Whatever you’re after, you can get it and more at Retravision your leaders in LCD!

They’ve a huge range of Sony and Samsung screens and their staff are more than willing to have a chat and share their expert advice. If you’re on a budget they can even organise finance, so you can own it now before the football season’s over!

Retravision are simply the best! They are WA owned and operated and with over 50 stores they have awesome buying power ensuring they always get the best price!  With so many stores there’s guaranteed to be one near you…so make sure you pop in when you’re ready to buy your brand new LCD TV!