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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Take a look around any room of your home, and you'll no doubt see dozens of objects made of glass. Man first made glass around 5,000 years ago but the process was slow and expensive, so only the very wealthy could afford it. In fact, not even a King would have had as much glass in his castle as you'd find in the average home today.

Glass is still made with the same basic process and the same essential ingredient - sand. Here in Perth, though, Walsh's Glass is using the latest technology to improve on an ancient art. Their state-of-the-art machinery is taking glass processing to new heights.

Walsh's are proud of their track record for keeping their facilities at the forefront of the industry, and the quality of their product is a result of their use of new technology and on-going staff training programmes. The standard of their factory allows for limitless shaping options as well as superior cutting, polishing and edging techniques.

Walsh's process all types of glass from 3mm to 19mm, changing and adding value by cutting, shaping, polishing and edging to form everything from shower-screens to table-tops. In fact, Walsh's Glass is the largest privately owned glass merchandising operation in WA, and this year sees them celebrate 30 years at the cutting edge of the world glass market.

Walsh's Glass can handle any glass project from conception to installation. Their in-house operation means they really are a one-stop-shop for all your glass needs, from partitioning to furnishing. Their range of innovative glass products keeps them ahead of the competition and would leave the glass-makers of 5,000 years ago, shattered.

The Eco-form process, for example, is relatively simple, but the finished product is spectacular. Formed glass is made by returning glass to a semi-molten state and forming it over a pattern, this leaves the pattern forever embedded in the pane of glass itself. It's a technique that can add style to table-tops, vanity units, signage, partitioning and furniture.

And if you really love the Granite look, then you'll definitely love the look of Granospan. Here at the Canning Vale factory, Walsh's Glass Silk Screen the design onto a sheet of glass before baking it in the toughening oven. The finished product is just like safety glass and is ideal for partitions, table-tops, even shower screens and kitchen bench tops or splash-backs - at around half the cost of Granite. Walsh's can silk screen any design onto glass including your company logo, for a clear corporate message.