Building Disputes Tribunal

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No matter what sort of business deal you’re about to enter into, it always pays to know exactly where you stand should things not go according to plan.  And when it comes to building, you’ll find the people you need to talk to at the Building Disputes Tribunal.

If a dispute arises between an owner and their builder or if the builder has not responded to the owner's satisfaction, then they have the option of making a complaint to the Building Disputes Tribunal. The Tribunal can adjudicate on workmanship matters for up to six years of the home being completed and on contractual matters three years.  There are no financial limitations on workmanship, but on contractual matters the contract value must be between $7,500 and $500,000.
The Tribunal can do many things including issuing an Order to Remedy on a builder to fix the problem, or it can issue an Order to Pay, which means that the builder has to pay the owner the amount it would cost to repair.

To make a complaint, the owner needs to advise their builder of the particular problem in writing and of what they want done. If it is not sorted out in a particular time frame they need to fill out a complaint form, lodge it with the Tribunal and pay a $30 fee.

If the matter is a workmanship issue, a Building Inspector may inspect the work and write a report. In all matters, the Tribunal will consider the evidence from both parties and make a legally binding order.