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If your fingers and toes are feeling a little chilled these winter mornings, spare a thought for our animal friends.

Take for example, the Sun Bears at Perth Zoo. In their native surroundings closer to the equator, they're used to a much more humid climate.

The Sun Bears here at the Zoo were certainly feeling the cold in Perth at this time of the year. That is until AlintaGas came to the rescue with a little help from their friends.

AlintaGas has been a proud sponsor of the Perth Zoo since 1997. In that time they've helped with a number of projects, including providing the Zoo with natural gas lighting. This has contributed to the huge success of the Creatures of the Night program.

When AlintaGas discovered the Sun Bears were feeling the cold, Approved Retailer Jeff Mouritz Gas & Air and ducted gas heating system manufacturer Brivis were approached for assistance.

Brian explains what was required and how it impacted on the Bears

Jeff Mouritz and Brivis generously donated the supply and custom installation of a Brivis gas ducted heating system to the Malaysian Sun Bears' enclosure. AlintaGas provided the gas supply to the unit.

Now, the Sun Bears are constantly warm and are more energetic and playful thanks to the generosity of all involved.