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The State Government, in partnership with industry, has successfully introduced energy efficiency standards for houses. This means we can live life better, greener and smarter now, so that the future is a whole lot brighter as well.

This initiative through The Department of Housing and Works was introduced in 2006 as the 5 Star standards for houses and significantly reduced the amount of energy needed to heat and cool homes.

The new 5 Star Plus standards now build on this success to reduce water use in houses and greenhouse gas emissions in water heating and will be introduced through two new Codes to apply from 1 September 2007.

The Energy Use in Houses Code confirms the existing 5 Star standards for design and construction and adds a minimum requirement for a low-greenhouse hot water system.
The Water Use in Houses Code reduces the waste of water by introducing water efficiency measures including:

  • Solar or five-star gas (or heat pump) hot water systems;

  • Water efficient showerheads;

  • Water efficient tap fittings;

  • Water efficient dual-flush toilets; and

  • Pool blankets for all new pools.

It is estimated Five Star Plus (Stage One) will deliver water savings the equivalent of one million backyard swimming pools over 5 years. 
Five Star Plus will further reduce 129,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over 5 years- the equivalent of taking 30,000 cars off the road, or planting 15 trees per house.

Stage 1 requirements cost less than $1,000 for most houses to implement. Similarly, normal sized houses on smaller lots can meet the Stage 2 requirements for about $1,000. These costs are offset by savings in water and energy bills of up to $750 per year.

5 Star Plus … Another successful and environmentally friendly programme from The Department of housing and works.

To find out more phone 9222 4666 or go to

The Department of Housing and Works represents all of the State Government's housing and works functions.

The Department covers public and community housing, Aboriginal and regional housing, Keystart home loans, property sales, major government projects, capital works projects, and property and facilities maintenance and services.

The Department of Housing and Works consolidates the public sector's built environment and the Government's assets and project management and will enhance the delivery of services in these areas.