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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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If you want to be comfortable in your home in WA all year round have we got the solution for you…insulation! But there’s a bit of a checklist you want to run through first to make sure you’re getting the right product which is why a trip to Thermosealed Batts in Malaga or Bunbury is a great place to start to find out more!

Finding the right insulation is all about finding a product that gives you and your family a comfortable living environment while also keeping in mind your family’s health.

Thermosealed Batts are a thermal and sound insulation insulates your home cleanly and safely. Using almost 100% recycled materials these batts are not only energy efficient but they’re fire retardant, insect and pest resistant Australian standards compliant, and they’re made right here in WA.

Another great thing about Thermosealed Batts is their envirionmental benefit. Having come into effect on May 1 this year, legislation now stipulates that all newly constructed homes must have R3.0 ceiling insulation installed as part of the building contract.

Now you would have experienced those cold evenings or mornings where you crank up the heater to keep warm. Well with R3.0 ThermoSealed Batts in your roof you can enjoy an extra couple of degrees of warmth in your home. This is great news for keeping that hefty power bill down at the end of winter!

Thermosealed Batts are also flexible enough to fit around airconditioning ducts or downlights and the size of these batts make them ideal to adapt to fit all different roof joists. Because of their flexibility they’ll be no gap left between the batt and roof joist, resulting in blanket coverage inside your roof- Sparkies and Tradies love them and because there’s no cutting involved, Thermosealed Batts are a fantastic do it yourself product!

Thermo Sealed Batts are dust free and completely non allergenic so there’ll be no loose fibres blowing around your ceiling space or getting into your living area through the vents and this makes them an ideal choice for your home if anyone in your family suffers from asthma, hay fever or any other related allergies.

For good old fashioned service, an obligation free quote and to your bit to promote GREEN LIVING give the friendly team a call and like thousands of others get Thermosealed Batts in your home in WA!