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How many times have you nagged your partner about getting jobs done around the house? Or about completing all those unfinished projects?

Well when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your windows such as pelmets (cornices), WA owned Variety Furnishings have found a way to make everything so easy and so affordable that you're hubby won't even have to move off the couch!

Whilst pelmets (cornices), are the perfect way to add style to your home, they're generally an expensive item to buy. But at Variety Furnishings, they manufacture pelmets (cornices), with minimal labour, in order to provide a cost effective, yet stylish product for the customer.

They have a showroom in Malaga where you can view different fabrics and styles or you can choose amongst the large selection of 'ready made padded pelmets'(cornices), .

The pelmet (cornices), comes in a flat pack and it's so easy to put together.  No screws, glue, tools or cutting required to assemble. It's ready to be mounted to your wall in less than a minute.

There's a large variety of shapes, sizes and fabrics to choose from, including amazing looking woven woods, so you can decorate your home to suit your decor and lifestyle.

You even have products tailor made to suit your requirements. Whether it's for a bay window, corner window or even for your caravan, nothing is too hard for the guys at Variety Furnishings.

But if you want an even more affordable option Variety Furnishings also sell 'padded pelmet (cornices), kits' which allows you to take the kit home and cover it in fabric yourself. All you need are your window measurements and a bit of inspiration, and you can have you're very own custom made pelmet (cornices), in no time. And it also comes with a step-by-step DVD which really does make the whole process too easy.

And ladies, you'll be happy to know that transportation is a breeze as they're lightweight and come flat packed for easier handling.

Because of the flat board design it makes the whole DIY upholstering process really simple as you've only got one board to cover, as opposed to a 3 dimensional box. You just pop the boarding, fold the ends up and you're away.

So if you like to make life easy on yourself or want to save some dollars, jump on the phone and give Variety Furnishings a call or pop into their Malaga factory.