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Aussie Outdoor’s blinds are a Western Australian innovation that will allow you to make the most of your alfresco area all year round! Easy to operate and a very attractive addition to any outdoor area, Aussie Outdoor blinds will essentially  turn your outdoor areas into rooms you can use all year round for any occasion.  A local company set up by two West Aussie Brothers, Aussie Outdoor is the country’s leading outdoor blind manufacturer and installer.

The clear PVC blinds provide that typical café look and can be used all year round to keep out unwanted wind and rain, effectively creating another room of your house while still keeping the view.

Another option at Aussie Outdoor is this amazing Aussie Shade blind. The woven PVC mesh is 99.95% UV stable, stops wind and 95% of rain.

A great thing about all of Aussie Outdoor Blinds, no matter which option you choose is that because of the unique lockjaw system and 8-point laser measuring your blinds will sit neatly in place, no straps, no flapping and when you want to open up your outdoor area completely you simply unzip and roll the blind up. The bottom rail rolls up with the blind meaning there’s nothing left underneath, no messy hooks or ropes in the way to trip over or stub your toes on. It’s so tidy and overall they just look great!

So make the most of your alfresco area, enjoy your outdoor entertaining all year round!