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With home affordability going through the roof, there’s got to be somewhere we can afford a home without putting ourselves in debt for the rest of our natural lives! Well The State Government, through The Department of Housing and Works is helping us do just that.

Through the success of its Urban Renewal Programme they’re re-developing the older public housing estates to create more attractive living environments … and it’s certainly working  The Urban Renewal Programme reduces The Departments rental presence and encourages home ownership, reducing public housing presence.
It also refurbishes dwellings, enhances the streetscapes and parklands in the area, encourages a sense of security for residents, reduces the social stigma attached to some areas and develops land for the creation of new lots, bringing in new people to the community for a balanced social mix.
One such development is The New North Project.  

Project managers Satterley Group and McCusker Holdings have been working with The Department of Housing and Works to re-develop and re-furbish properties in Girrawheen, Koondoola, Westminster and in Balga, some 3,062 dwellings in all.

The New North Urban Renewal project was awarded the 2006 Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Award for Excellence in the Urban Renewal Category.

Since this lovely townhouse in Balga was refurbished as part of the programme, the crime rate has reduced by 29% and property values have risen by almost 50%!   

The New North Project is literally ‘living’ proof that The Department of Housing and Works commitment to assist the communities of W.A. is working and working well. To find out more contact the department on 9222 4666 or

The Department of Housing and Works represents all of the State Government's housing and works functions.

The Department covers public and community housing, Aboriginal and regional housing, Keystart home loans, property sales, major government projects, capital works projects, and property and facilities maintenance and services.

The Department of Housing and Works consolidates the public sector's built environment and the Government's assets and project management and will enhance the delivery of services in these areas.