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Termites cost Australian homeowners more than $140 million a year in structural repair bills alone and this type of damage is not covered by insurance.

Traditional Chemical termite barriers are applied to the soil under and around your home and they are highly effective at killing termites, but wouldn’t it be great if we could get rid of termites without releasing chemicals into the environment?  The good news is, you can – there are physical termite barriers that are designed to block attacking termites, but they still need to be controlled by chemical products later – this one, on the other hand, is different.
Installed as a physical barrier, Homeguard also has the ability to kill and repel attacking termites.  It’s essentially a single sheet polymer that’s been impregnated with termiticide.
The Australian-made membrane has been proven to block, repel and kill, on contact, all of Australia’s subterranean termites and the chemical in the sheet won’t leech or diffuse, so no chemicals are ever released into the soil.
As a result HomeGuard is the first and only physical termite barrier that has ever been officially registered by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority.  That APVMA registration is your assurance that HomeGuard is an effective pesticide that won’t harm the environment.

HomeGuard is completely non-invasive and won’t corrode, crack or delaminate.  It’s installed permanently into your home, so it won’t be disturbed by garden works, paving or paths.  And because the active ingredient is distributed evenly throughout you get full and continuous termite barrier from the ground up for the life of the building.

Do your bit to support GREEN LIVING and talk to your architect or builder about installing permanent termite protection in your new home or find your nearest licensed installer by following the link.