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Nutech Distributions WA


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41 Jade Street,
Maddingotn WA 6109

Nutech Distributions WA is the Western Australian Distributor for Nutech Paints, Australia's largest roof coating manufacturer. Nutech also manufacure a range of concrete coatings suitable for driveways, warehouses, paving etc.

PJ's Coatings are one of WA's leaders when it comes to Roof Restoration and pride themselves in being the only QUALITY ENDORSED Roof Restoration company in Western Australia. Well they have just added another fabulous new product to their range.

It’s called NXT Cool Zone. NXT Cool Zone is a remarkable heat reflecting roof coating which keeps your roof up to 30 degrees cooler meaning the rooms below will be kept a comfortable 6-10 degrees cooler. The secret is thermal protection technology developed in Australia by Nutech Paint and its revolutionary because you can have any colour you like, even black and still enjoy the heat reflecting technology.

If you are considering a PJ's restoration....NXT Cool Zone is worth doing. Reducing the over all temperature of the heat getting into your roof must keep your home so much cooler....and think of the savings you'll make by keeping your home cooler - and using less energy to keep it cool...