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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Simon Joiner



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They say that out of every tragedy comes a triumph and the tragedy of the recent bushfires in the Pinjarra - Dwellingup area, south of Perth, has delivered one such triumph for one of Perth’s most renowned home builders.

Dale Alcock is best known to us as a builder of fine homes around the metropolitan area, but what you might not know, is that Dale has recently bought a company called
T&R Homes which specializes in fabricating transportable homes made almost exclusively from Colorbond and BlueScope steel.

Dale and his family built a home using these materials, just outside of Pinjarra about 10 years ago, and like the Gillette shaving man, was so impressed with the product, he bought the company.

Firstly we take a look firstly at the remarkable survival story of Dale’s home which was caught right in the middle of the firestorm. As Dale explains when he saw the devastation of the fire as he drove into his property he didn’t expect anything to be standing, but the house not only survived, incredibly, it was left almost unscathed. 

Dale then took a moment to show us T & R Homes and explains how this new acquisition compliments his existing business and particularly endorses what a great choice BlueScope Steel is when building homes set in our bush land environment.

To highlight the impressiveness of this amazing story, it is a case of, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’!