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Winter is the time of the year when we look for the very best way to keep our home warm. Home heaters that burn wood or oil also produce pollution that we see as smoke or haze. This can have many side effects and aggravate the symptoms of people who have medical conditions such as bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma.

There is at least one local government authority leading the way in helping reduce pollution. In conjunction with AlintaGas, the City of Melville has developed a programme offering incentives for householders with wood or oil heaters who wish to replace them with a cleaner alternative - natural gas.

The AlintaGas HomeHeating Advantage is a package which includes a gas heater delivered free, a special gas price for the winter months, installation of a bayonet point and free connection to AlintaGas if required, all for a fixed price paid over three years.

Residents of the City of Melville should contact the City offices on 9364 0622 before the end of September . They will inspect your home and forward details on to AlintaGas. You'll then receive the AlintaGas HomeHeating Advantage pack containing a brochure and a contract to sign if you wish to go ahead.

The City of Melville has set a great example by encouraging more people to make a difference. And there is an added bonus. Natural gas for heating is cheap, so why don't you help the environment and put money back into the family budget.