Driving a motorcar can be both a joy and a nightmare, depending on where you are going and who’s in the car with you. We’ve all experienced those annoying moments of being in the wrong lane to exit a highway someone who reckons they know a better way to go and out of date street directories that don’t have the latest housing estates or freeway extensions noted. And what about those of us who’s eyesight isn’t what it used to be. -trying to read a street directory without your glasses is worse than the phone book.

Well, take heart, there is a solution to all of the above that is sure to put an end to the navigation blues and bring the enjoyment of motoring back into your life.

No longer do you have to buy an expensive luxury vehicle to enjoy the benefits of an automated navigation system, Retravision has in stock, an in car satellite navigation unit made by Navman, that is both easy to use, portable, so you can use it both inside and outside the car and is reasonably priced. Installation is dead easy, a simple plug into the cigarette lighter jack and away you go.

The Navman unit can be used all over the State and it has several handy features to assist with every situation, such as the location of your nearest petrol station.  The unit not only gives the correct directions, but also the shortest route which makes for great fuel savings.

With a Navman navigation unit, all you’ll need is someone called Jeeves to drive.

For more information about the purchase of one of these great units, check out your nearest Retravision store.