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The Department of Housing and Works, as part of the Government’s commitment to meet the energy and water needs of today and the future, has introduced a 5 Star standard for every dwelling built in Western Australia. The great thing is, this measure ensures these homes require less heating and cooling and generate lower energy bills. And this is achieved without any loss of comfort or additional expense.

A 5-Star house will be up to five degrees warmer in winter and as much as 10 degrees cooler in summer. Living in a 5 Star house could save households on average $200 on energy bills every year. And it will help create a cleaner, healthier environment and reduce greenhouse gas pollution by up to 5 tonnes every year. Simple design features like window placement and selection of building materials, coupled with the use of efficient water saving features like collecting the water runoff from your roof, will help make Western Australia a better place for us all to live in and further reduce your annual energy bills.

5 Star is a hit with both owners and builders. Make sure you pick up your 5 Star brochure from The Government through The Department of Housing and Works by phoning 9222 4666 or dial up