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Thomas Edison once said – I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others…I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent…

Thomas Edison might not be around but lucky for us – Lighting City Balcatta shares his passion.

Glen and his experienced team of lighting consultants did just this, they sat down and decided that in the field of downlights there were many needs that weren’t being met and they set about to create a downlight to meet them and it’s now taking the world by storm!!

Recessed low voltage downlights are by far the most commonly installed light fixtures to date but up until now there have been very little advancements in the design of the downlight since it was originally created.

Lighting City took the humble downlight and decided to design a versatile version with some key criteria. It needed to look good but also generate the best light available. It would have to reduce the glare that most other downlights produced, needed to be easy to install and it needed to have a point of difference not only in its quality and design but in its range of real choice!!

The Product? The FAZE Downight.

Now – If you are in the market for downlights you simply can’t go past this unique WA product! Here are the key design features of the FAZE downlight under the global spotlight!

  • It has an improved design to reduce dust contamination and increase energy efficiency…

  • A unique baffle design to minimise glare

  • Tilt to 40 degrees and swivel through 360 degrees

  • Quick release ring for easy lamp changing

On top of all that the FAZE downlight has a 100% Aluminium fitting, 3 year warranty and the contemporary finish comes in seven standard colours, from which dozens of colour combinations can be created for those of us who like to match our interiors. White Satin, Anotec Off White Satin, Black Satin, 24k Gold Plated, Chrome, Satin Crome and Silver…or any two of the previously mentioned!

Downlights can be installed in virtually every room and every area of your home… bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, kitchens…they enhance your environment by shaping the living space and architectural details. The right lighting can complete a home, change your mood and even your emotions so best to get it right!!

We’ve come along way since the dark ages, no pun intended…when merely a firelight, candle or gas lamp provided all our lighting needs…Human beings have become so sophisticated that lighting has become an art form and Lighting City’s FAZE Downlight invention is really something for WA to be proud of! Why not install some in your home?!