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Petunia Kris Kringles are very appropriately named and will add a splash of colour to anyone’s Christmas.  Choose a pot and mass plant them for a real day-brightening gift.
Petunia Kris Kringle - $1.79

Every Mum loves Orchids and the Dendrobium’s beautiful flowers will brighten your home for weeks.  This highly decorative indoor plant even comes in a ceramic planter.
Dendrobium Orchids 140mm in ceramic planter - $24.99
Another popular gift with the Mums and even the Grandmums is the Rose.  These roses are on Fortuneana Rootstock which means they stand a better chance of surviving until next Christmas.     Roses on fortuneana rootstock 200mm - $14.99

The Poinsettia is a traditional Christmas plant great for a gift or treat yourself to a couple to decorate the table for Christmas dinner.  A popular alternative is the Gerbera – those stunning large flowers are perfect for a relaxed Christmas lunch.
 Poinsettia 130mm - $6.99    Gerbera's 140mm - $5.99
A potted vegetable garden makes a great gift anytime of the year.  Just get yourself a nice large pot, some good quality potting mix and your favourite vegetable seedlings.
Top Taste Tomato 100mm - $2.49    Top Taste Chilli 100mm - $2.49
Top Taste Capsicum 100mm - $2.49
Strawberries are another great edible gift.  Strawberry pots look terrific on the patio and if you plant them up now they’ll probably have fruit just in time for Christmas. Strawberries 130mm - $3.29
Citrus trees in big terracotta pots are also popular.  Make sure you seal the pot well inside and out and you’re ready to go.     Citrus 4lt - $17.99

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