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With property values in Perth still soaring, it’s becoming all the more important to protect your most valuable asset by choosing products that will stand the test of time.  And the major part of your home is the roof over your head.

According to Terry Bush, Director of Architectural Construction and Building Consulting, choosing the right roof framing is now more important then ever.  “Most of us are familiar with termites and the damage they can cause, but the latest threat to our homes is the European House borer, because the borer is a beetle and can fly, traditional barriers and treatments for termites won’t protect the structure.” 

A number of Councils in the Perth Metro now recommend the use of chemically treated Pine, but another option is roof framing made from Truecore™ steel.

Not only is Truecore™ steel is unaffected by termites and borers it is lightweight, strong and safe to have around the house.  That’s why, Bob Langenbach from Ross North uses only roof framing made from Truecore™ steel.

“Frames made from Truecore™ steel are engineered and pre-manufactured off site ensuring that we achieve a quality product on site every time.  This also minimises any maintenance issues down the track for the homeowner.”
Another benefit of roof frames made from Truecore™ steel  is its design flexibility, which is truly evident this home by Ross North Homes - the Zen at Iluka.
Ross North, Managing Director of Ross North Homes has been building homes for West Australian families for 30 years. “Over that time we’ve seen a huge shift in our lifestyles. Families today are demanding larger living and entertaining areas with unique design features that can enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the home.”

“Truecore™ steel allows us to create large open plan living, without the need for columns or supporting walls, giving you the sense of space.  Truecore™ steel also allows us to add clever design features such as coffer ceilings and bulkheads.
You can find out more about Truecore® steel at or talk to your builder and make sure you specify Truecore™ steel roof framing.