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Chances are the storms, rain and general wear and tear of the winter we’ve just had, could have damaged your roof, walls and gutters. This can be a major problem. So now is the time to get some help from PJ Coatings to ensure your home is in perfect condition.

It’s worth noting that PJ Coatings has been in the business for over 30 years and is the only quality endorsed roof restoration company in Western Australia. Very few companies can match PJ’s quality.

First, they replace broken and cracked tiles and capping and secure all the roof penetrations, fixing any leaks as they go. They then high pressure clean it and clean out the gutters, valleys and downpipes. Ridge capping is re-pointed with flexible mortar and then the roof is sealed with PJ’s unique 3 coat system, Tileflex 2000. This revolutionary Teflon roof coating is impregnated with surface cleaning nano technology making it tough and durable. There is a range of colours you can have applied and because of the special polymers used in Teflon advanced surface cleaning nano technology, your high gloss colours will resist ageing more than any other acrylic coating.