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Every new house and apartment built in Western Australia now has to meet energy-saving standards as outlined in The Department of Housing and Works 5 Star concept. The overall aim of this initiative was to reduce the amount of energy used in heating and cooling our homes by adopting some simple design practices. And, it’s been a huge success.

Basically all it requires is that we pay attention to a few factors during the building or renovating process. Avoid West and East facing windows and adopt glazing or tinting. The insulation reflective values of walls, roofs and floors have been increased to trap heating and cooling efforts, avoid high ceilings and adopt the waterwise principles. By doing these things and others as outlined in the 5 Star brochure, the savings to the environment and your hip pocket are substantial.

With a few simple design and construction changes we can make our new houses more energy efficient, thus reducing the energy needed to heat or cool the house. To find out more, make sure you get your copy of The Department of Housing and Works 5 Star brochure by phoning 9222 4666 or visiting