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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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Many WA gardens suffer through the long, hot Summer and the best way to keep your garden looking great through the Dry season is by selecting plants that can handle Western Australian conditions, which is exactly what our own Colin Barlow from Gardens From Eden did with this week’s WaterWise garden.

Colin used the Magnolia Exmouth to create a plinth hedge and underplanted with Dianella Little Rev.  Other garden beds featured the Yukka Elefentippes and the variegated Yukka Golden Sword.
Plants are grouped together according to how much water they need and the reticulation is set to water the garden beds and the lawn differently – a technique kniwn as Hydrozoning.

Colin has used Sub-Surface reticulation to ensue that water gets directly to the plants’ roots, where it’s needed.  It also reduces water wastage and protects your walls and paving from being stained by overspray.  Sub-Surface reticulation also attracts a WaterWise Rebate.

You can also get WaterWise rebates on other products like mulch and wetting agents.  Both are a terrific way to help your garden survive the Summer.  Other features of this garden that qualify for a WaterWise Rebate include the pool blanket, tap timers, rain sensors and grey-water re-use system.
Find out more about WaterWise Rebates by following the link to the Water Corporation website.  You’ll also find a great list of plants that will survive on just one watering a week during Summer.