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As our climate and rainfall patterns continue to change the Water Corporation has implemented careful management of our water resources to ensure that we have sufficient water for the long term.  They’ve also made plenty of helpful information freely available so that we can all do our bit to conserve water.
Its not just home gardeners who are helping to conserve and manage our water resources; The Water Corporation’s Water Awards recognise new ideas and practical programs of businesses, educational institutions, charities and social groups that are helping to protect our water resources for the future.
As the winner of the WaterWise landscaper category at the 2006 Water Awards, Fraser’s Landscape and Design moulds gardens to minimise water dependency and incorporates features like sub-surface reticulation, wetting agents, mulches to suppress evaporation and, of course, making the right choice of plants.
Choosing the right plants and designing your planting according to water usage is just the start of creating a WaterWise garden.  How you choose to water your garden once it’s established can also make a huge difference to your water consumption.

The Watershed in Midland uses the latest dripline techniques and has also added ‘commercial’ specifications to domestic systems to improve sprinkler efficiency.  Their commitment to water conservation saw them win the 2006 WaterWise Irrigation Design Shop Award and the WaterWise Garden Irrigator Award.
There’s no single answer to managing Western Australia’s water supply, but if we all do our part to make sure we use less water every day, we can help to sustain our precious water resources.  Using less water in the garden is an excellent place to start.