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The modern gas hot water heater is a sophisticated piece of equipment and it’ll provide many years of reliable hot water, so long as it’s properly looked after. The gas fitter installing your hot water system will leave it working efficiently and safely and while your gas hot water system continues to work faithfully day in day out, complacency may take over… until a cold wet morning comes along, every one’s late for school and work…there’s no hot water!  

Don’t despair however; there are steps you can take to help avoid a scenario like this. By simply adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and arranging for regular servicing and adjustments by a licensed gas serviceman you should have no problems maintaining efficiency and reliability, avoiding inconvenient failure.

Without doubt, the most important safety message, in the event that your water heater appears to have failed, is to carefully read and apply the lighting instructions on the appliance.  If the appliance fails to operate satisfactorily after the first attempt, clearly something is wrong and it’s time to call for expert assistance from Alinta or your regular serviceman.  It is against the law to interfere with the settings and adjustments and under no circumstances should this be attempted.  Most important, never expose the face to risk when attempting re-ignition.  The majority of accidents occur when consumers hold their faces close to the action when pressing buttons.

Another tip, storage type units can make warm, cosy environments for nesting rats and mice and their nests can cause fires. Simply remembering to do a regular inspection minimises this risk.

Also, our WA water can be quite corrosive and timely replacement of the sacrificial anode in the water body of the storage type will maintain the cathodic protection of the vessel against corrosion and extend its working life. Trouble free life expectations of the instantaneous units will be extended with regular de-scaling and cleaning of the all-important heat exchanger.

But as long as you remember to get regular maintenance by a reliable, efficient, licensed gasfitter you should be pretty certain you’ll get reliable, efficient hot water!