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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA




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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





Well what a fantastic year it has been for The Master Builders Association. You must check out as this web address takes you to the new Master Builders Website where all the awards information, events and services are available. It not only contains the Housing Excellence and Construction winners listed and displayed... but also the very popular 'Find a Master Builder' service that lets you locate a builder or sub-contractor in your area - anywhere throughout W.A.
Other areas of interest that can save a builder or contractor heaps of time and money is in communications and insurance. Great mobile phone deals and Contract Works and Public Liability Insurance deals are available through the MBA website or by phoning 9476 9800.
Information regarding the 'Trade-start' courses is also available, where you can explore some of the short 'teaser' courses that give you a taste of the trade or the area within the construction industry that appeals. The new estimating course is a perfect example.
The increased industry demand on builders and trades, especially in the area of renovations, has really added to the ongoing skills shortage and with Federal Government Employer incentives through B.C.I.T.F. (Building & Construction Industry Training Fund) towards apprenticeships and shorter apprentice times to qualify, there really are 'NO LIMITS' to making the building industry a 'first choice' career move.

For more information, choose the pre-eminent industry representation association, The Master Builders Association of WA.