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Builders and consumers alike are applauding the Department of Housing and Works' 5 Star environment incentive. It’s all about saving energy and money.  As part of the Government’s commitment to meet the energy and water needs of today and the future, every dwelling built in Western Australia now, has to achieve the 5 Star standard.

New homes will reduce their energy use for heating and cooling by at least 50 per cent through solar heating and good design. They will also use rainwater from roof runoff to flush toilets and water their gardens.

5 Star requirements focus on three main areas of the construction process.

  • The Orientation of the building. Making sure it's in the best position relative to the sun to retain heat in winter and cooling in winter.

  • Insulation of the building. Roofs, walls and floors must all now use increased insulation.

  • And where the external windows are placed, limiting West and East facing and glazing or tinting them.

It’s estimated that these proven 5 Star standards will not add any cost to the home builder or renovator, and save over $200 per year in energy bills.

Within five years of introducing 5 Star, greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 600,000 tonnes – the equivalent to taking 140,000 cars off the road, or planting two million trees.

The government, through The Department of Housing and Works, is committed to the principals of sustainability and the 5 Star building initiative is a significant contribution to this goal.
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