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Windows in ocean-side locations usually need constant maintenance, but not these windows and doors from Enviro Vision; which is exactly why Architect Andrew Storey chose them.

These windows are actually made from UPVC, so they'll never corrode and they'll never need repainting.

Now I know what you're thinking: "How on earth can you have plastic windows?". Well, for a start, only the frames are plastic, the glass is, well, glass - double glazing, in fact. And as for the PVC, it's a long way from the PVC you learned to love in the 70's!

The UPVC used is much tougher than you'd expect because it contains titanium dioxide, and the frames have a metal reinforcement, making them stronger than aluminium or timber. Unlike traditional materials, UPVC is maintenance free. These windows will never rust or corrode, never get termites, and you'll never have to struggle with a warped window frame again.

As the exclusive manufacturers and suppliers of this UPVC window system, you can get more information from Enviro Vision. Visit their Balcatta factory and showroom or check out the display at Home Base Expo or City West.