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Technology is pretty advanced these days and Powell Security Services in Albany are at the forefront of cutting edge security technology in the Great Southern.

Many people have a story similar to the Powells. After years of working a high stress job in the city they pack up for a sea change, start a small home business and find that they’re busier than ever!

 Powell Security Services began in the year 2000 after Darren Powell retired from his position as major projects manager for a Perth based security company. Powell Security Services’ aim was to provide the people and businesses of the Great Southern options to suit their individual security needs. Because of the technical knowledge Darren possesses, he is able to work with every customer from the design stage right through to the final handover.

Powell Security Services can develop commercial and home security systems. They’ve developed systems for many businesses in the Great Southern including the Mt Barker Street Cameras and Albany City Council and have even been contracted to jobs as far off as Mongolia!

When it comes to things a little closer to home Powell Security Services have a wide range of security options.

A monitored alarm system is very common in the business world, however you can also use one in your home and it means your house is secure 24 hours a day. Powell Security Services can set up your home security to dial into an A1 accredited monitoring centre which can then dispatch a security patrol and, or inform you that your alarm has been activated. Home security systems are able to be commercially monitored at very competitive rates.

Security cameras are also an area in which Powell Security Services excels. Used on building sites, in businesses and homes, CCTV is particularly useful when an incident has occurred as the footage can be stored on a disk and given to police as evidence.

Technology like CCTV and also access control is not simply for commercial use. Most people have security cards to access their office but imagine using one to access your house. Your kids would hate it as it allows you to monitor who comes in, through what door at what time…no more sneaking in a 3am!

While access control for your home may seem a little SciFi for now, it really is a good example of how Powell Security Services really are up there when it comes to cutting edge security technology.

Through your security panel you can wire up options like a timer on your reticulation or your lights, very handy if you plan to go away. Your security system can incorporate things such as smoke detection and basic automation. You can program in a perimeter alarm which allows you to move freely and safely inside your home but if someone tries to open a window or door your alarm is activated.
Powell Security Services also stock a range of commonly used parts, one thing they won’t accept is that people should have to ‘wait’ for a job to get done simply because they do not live in the Perth metro area.

Whatever your security needs Powell Security can address them. Just because you live regionally throughout the Great Southern doesn’t mean you have to go without.